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The Marriage of Dark & Light

May 24, 2009

How fertile is the deepest dark

how inspirational the bright.

And yet, if there is only light

then we are blinded

scorched and afraid

and if only darkness

then we are blinded

frozen and afraid. 

Light loves shade

just as darkness

loves starlight and moon glow.

Unadulterated yet united

two who are one, the same and different; 

at the heart of mystery

they stand face to face

transforming contradiction.



May 12, 2009

Are We Meant to Play With Mystery?

We are

mischievous children,

reaching for what

we cannot see;

leaving auric prints

upon each mystery

we finger;

like molecules of skin

which stick in the hands

of warmly greeted strangers

or mingle during loving acts

between familiars.

                                                                             Christine Irving©