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Restoring the Magdalene

May 13, 2009

March is women’s history month, created in 1987 by Congress in response to a growing realization on the part of women that they had been written out of history.   Nowhere is this more obvious than in the established Christian church where Mary Magdalene –the most dearly beloved of all Christ’s disciples was not given the title “apostle” but labeled instead as a prostitute and whore.  Since her name could not be entirely expunged, the Church elected to besmirch, belittle and trivialize it. 

It’s interesting that March should be chosen as the designated time to attempt a restoration of balance to the story of humankind.  This is the month of the equinox when light and darkness stand in perfect equilibrium.  Balance is a key word in the history of humankind.  It’s one of the first things we learn.  We must learn to balance in order to walk.   But babies teach themselves to walk. That knowledge doesn’t come from outside .  We access an inner sense- something inside us already knows what balance is.To learn to walk we listen to that inner knowledge and manifest it through the physical action of walking.

Balance is an inborn gift, an intuitive ability which serves to moderate, apportion and regulate the expression of those many and varied emotions and passions which also come with this human package.  People have been pondering this internal play of energy and balance since the dawn of recorded history and probably for the thousands of years before that since we first came to consciousness. The consensus seems to be that energy manifests within us in two ways.  These have been labeled, yin and yang, masculine and feminine, fire and water.  The list goes on and on and yet we never come to the end of defining, exploring, and seeking to pin down because both energies begin to lose their clear cut edges under close scrutiny and display characteristics attributable to the other.  Which brings us to Quantum Physics and the phenomenon of the particle and wave.  Turns out that we cannot define light as one or the other.  Individual units of light can change, metamorphize, shift, transform from one state to another. 

What happens if the shift cannot take place?  I would guess that we would lose the light.  I think that what we see as illumination derives from the shift- or perhaps even from the ability to shift, the freedom to move from one state to another. The ability to shuck and jive. 

What happens to us as human beings if one half of the energy available to us is cut off at the root, denied existence, denigrated, down sized, disparaged?  We see all around us the results of this denial.  We’ve lost our play, or give, our wiggle room- that intense moment of release which comes from being neither/nor – either /or.  Exactly like the moment of climax in sexual union with a beloved partner when we lose all boundaries and for a split second we become the other and they become us. 

This is why we celebrate the sacred marriage, celebrate each energy in its own right/rite and also the coming together, and the parting of those energies.  It is the movement, the ability to move, the sensuality inherent in movement which we  celebrate. 

We restore the Magdalene, place her once again in the arms of her Christ, we restore the feminine divine within us, place her in the bridal chamber of our hearts, and let her dance before her lover.

Christine Irving ©2006