I am ordained in two traditions- pagan and gnostic Christianity.  As a pagan I spent nine months and a day studying and working to become a priestess under the auspices of two mentors, Mary Greer and Sharyn McDonald.  Together we created a project which included art, poetry, ritual and cooking (my favorite form of practical magic).  I ended  up writing a book, The Wheel of the Year, which included an essay, a ritual, a collage, a poem and a feast for all the quarter and cross-quarter days of the year.

Several years later, by way of the Black Madonna, Mary Magdalene pulled me in a new/old direction back to my Christian heritage.  It’s not a place I would have willingly revisited but her wisdom prevailed and I have been able to reclaim my cultural roots and find  deeper integration and union within myself.  In 2006, after a year and a half of initiation, travel and study, I became ordained by Christine Payne-Towler as a priest in the Gnostic Church of Saint Mary Magdalene.  After ordination I was free to write my own liturgy and spent a summer compiling and writing the Mass of the Hieros Gamos (Sacred Marriage).

I experienced great fear when I finished it- an ancient terror of the consequences of heresy rolled over me in icy waves.  It utterly startled me.  However, it also confirmed the imperative for reclamation of the Christ story by the feminine.  Once before, in a moment of vision, I experienced the certainty of  having been burned alive.  I believe some of my fear came from that vestigial memory of  the Burning Times.  Presiding at the mass, offering the bread and wine, seeing the tears of women as they see the feminine honored and adored in this ancient form has helped heal a great wound.     

I am also a collage artist, storyteller, poet (Be A Teller of Tales, CD Originals), playwright (co-authored with Kathryn Smith – A Rose in Winter  & Crazy Wisdom) mother of two and wife of forty odd years.  Poetry and art will make it’s way into the blog occasionally.  Visitors are welcome to use my work to enhance and supplement their own work.  Please acknowledge me, Christine Irving  if you use it.  Blessings on all who visit here.  May these works comfort and affirm.

Blessed Be


2 Comments on “About”

  1. saradode Says:

    Hi again, Christine (I just commented on another one of your posts),

    As you so graciously offer to allow others to use your writings in their own work, I’d like to use (with acknowledgment, of course) your poem, “The Marriage of Light and Dark” on a new post on my blog, as it echoes so well (rather uncannily) some of the things I’ve been learning on my own spiritual journey–I can’t help feeling on some level that I was “supposed” to find it!

    Thanks so much,


  2. Joanne Johnson Says:

    Bless you Christine for writing so beautifully about the fears of being proudly feminine and abstractly Christian. We women are so often disparaged or written out of history that you give me faith in the human spirit.
    Thank you so much!

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